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The Pirate's Mind Hack
Martina Dopfer
The Pirate's Mind Hack

During the workshop, we meet and tune in to the past days at the Pirates. Instead of leaving this great venue with a full mind, we reflect on the experiences of the past days and clarify, what it is we take away from it. Along 6 mind hacks based on the methods of the mindful REBELS, Martina, the Chief Mindful REBEL, will guide us through 6 mind hacks. Using those hacks will facilitate 1) letting go of thoughts 2) conceptualizing the impressions of the event 3) prioritizing impulses for action 4) letting go of limitations 5) visualizing milestones and 6) going ahead. Let’s see how mindfulness supports strategic action after a great Pirates conference. Short Bio Dr. Martina Dopfer has founded The Mindful Rebels together with Boris Behringer. The Rebels offer 8-week mindfulness journeys for employees, teams, and firms. During those unique learning journeys participants learn and experience easy mindfulness techniques. They learn how to apply them to their daily lives in order to use the chances that come with the digital transformation and the new work era. Martina talks about mindful living in her podcast LebensLiebe, she is a yoga- and mindfulness teacher and coaches startups in Berlin. Her know-how on innovation, startups and business models bases on 10 years of experience in the Berlin startup scene. She also worked as consultant and in innovation management for firms like Deutsche Telekom or Daimler. She received her PhD, which she wrote on startup business model development, from the University of St. Gallen. mindfulrebels.com // martina.dopfer@mindfulrebels.com

6/28/19, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM (CEST)
Crow's Nest - Masterclass
Offsite Journey B - Next Kraftwerke & SoSafe
Dr. Niklas Hellemann, Jochen Schwill
Offsite Journey B - Next Kraftwerke & SoSafe

We’ll take you to visit Cologne’s most successful startups in their own offices for a look behind the scenes.
Bus transfer will leave at 1:30pm in front of the Odonien.
Lunch will be provided at the offices.
The tour will end at 5pm, drop off at Friesenplatz, Cologne.

1. Stop - 2:00 pm - Next Kraftwerke
To us renewables do not per se equate with unpredictability. On the contrary, as
specialists for short term trading, Next Kraftwerke makes the flexibility of renewables a
profitable asset. As a result, our VPP has become a serious player for balancing the grid
and is gradually taking over the role of traditional power plants. This is particularly
important since our power grids were built for traditional power plants. The influx of
distributed and fluctuating renewable energies into this system poses a challenge.
However, renewables can answer this challenge themselves. Next Kraftwerke’s Virtual
Power Plant interconnects different types of renewables and flexible power consumers so
that each unit supports the other: The wind calms and, thus, the wind farm isn’t producing
any power? The biogas plant takes over its role. No sunshine? A Combined Heat and
Power (CHP) unit pitches in. Thus, Next Kraftwerke finds solutions to some of the key
challenges of transforming the global energy system towards renewable energies. In
addition to that, through Next Kraftwerke small-scale power plants can participate at the
control reserve markets in the first place.

2. Stop - 3:30 pm - SoSafe
Wait? Layer 8? Why people are the most important factor in Cyber Security
Most of the prominent hacks on famous companies like logistics firm Maersk, German tech media house Heise Media or even the US Democrats started with a phishing mail. Hence, people-based Cyber Security measures gain substantial importance. But how do employees become the human firewall of a company? How can startups and small companies realize affordable but comprehensive Cyber Security training? Dr. Niklas Hellemann from Cologne-based SoSafe GmbH presents current findings from cognitive psychology and learning theory and their implications for modern security awareness and training programs - mixed with lively anecdotes and application tips from practice as well as data stories from their own phishing simulation projects for various types of companies.

6/28/19, 1:30 PM - 5:00 PM (CEST)
Office Tour 2