Tech Entrepreneurship under Occupation. Meet Palestinian Innovators!

6/27/19, 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM (CEST)
Campfire Tent 2 - Lower Deck

The Silicon Valley model of a startup ecosystem does not work for many entrepreneurs worldwide - in Germany, it might be tricky to get VC Funding, in many other countries it is near impossible. In Palestine, the situation for entrepreneurs and hubs is characterized by inaccessibility of infrastructure critical to successful entrepreneurship due to the specific political position and occupation the country is under. Palestinian entrepreneurs have to actively labor to make things work, working across and around the specific and severe boundaries imposed upon them. Many of the text book methods of Silicon Valley-style entrepreneurship need to be tweaked, hacked, adapted or just flat out abandoned. Representatives of the Palestinian Innovation Ecosystem invite you to this Campfire to share and discuss their approaches to innovation, entrepreneurship and start-up support - and to get new ideas from you! Marah Hanoon and Victoria Wenzelmann are researchers in the joint research project “PIHUB Fostering the Palestinian Innovation Ecosystem” of University of Siegen and Birzeit University. They are joined by representatives of the Palestinian innovation ecosystem: Samar Kirresh, Hijazi Natsheh, and Maher Saleh.