Using peer groups - to learn the hard important stuff

6/27/19, 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM (CEST)
Campfire Tent 3 - Lower Deck

If we're being honest, the topics covered in most startup programs aren't so compelling. (I'm happy to be first to fall on my sword, as the founder of Leancamp and Founder Centric, which created curricula for the first accelerators... ) The reality is that most founders are too busy to sit through the same-old workshops - they have a business to run.

When I was invited to teach entrepreneurship in Africa for the first time, I was asked to go with the typical business model canvas, go-to-market stuff. What African engineering founders needed to know was how to build rural distribution networks, how to get deals with big brands to establish credibility, how to prepare a product launch knowing the copy-cats will kill your profit in 6 months. We didn't have the answers, but we knew local entrepreneurs did.

So over the last 5 years, we've developed a bunch of peer learning approaches we're happy to share, and we're starting a club for people who do peer learning so we can all learn from each other. (That's at if you want to sign up.)

What will we do in this session?
1. A quick tool we made to help self-assess our learning environment to know what to improve next.
2. We'll all share our challenges
3. For there, we can cover everything from formats, to program design techniques, to facilitation skills to run your own group.

We'll do this interactively, actively working our own challenges, sharing, giving feedback....