How to kill your startup in one easy step (and other lessons on product market fit)

6/27/19, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM (CEST)
Crow's Nest - Masterclass

In this Masterclass, participants will be taken through the critical concept of product-market fit, why it is so important, what it means exactly, innovative ways to achieve and how freaken awesome it feels once you got it. Working through the infamous startup curve, Genna will include her own experience of taking three years to finally nail down a market that needed her tech, and what that meant for her now multi-million euro revenue, growth stage startup. Key questions will be explored, including: “when do I need to hit product market fit?”, “how will I know when I have it?”, “how to I best achieve product market fit?” “what is a pivot and how do I make one?.” The goal of this masterclass is for all participants to leave with a solid sense of when their product, service or tech, has achieved a point in which their selected market will enable their company to truly scale. After all, even the most advanced and powerful machine gun can’t shoot a pigeon if it isn’t aimed in the right place…