Beyond Medical - Is Germany ready for legal Weed?

6/27/19, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM (CEST)
Campfire Tent 1 - Lower Deck

Mexico, Uruguay, Canada und maybe by the end of the year the United States of America - legal weed is becoming reality all over the world and creates a multi-billion Dollar industry. Looking at Germany, things progress rather slowly and companies are mainly focussing on the medical field. But: big German VCs like Holzbrink Ventures or Heartbeat Labs start to feel comfortable with investing in the topic. Is medical the only area interesting and worthwhile for capital investments or are the real unicorns found in the recreational field? The world’s first cannabis unicorn “Canopy” could only achieve this status so quickly by catering to both: medical and recreational. The German recreational cannabis market is currently estimated 8.5 billion Euro by 2028, given a legal framework for the market. Where do we stand? What is possible? What can be done by entrepreneurs to un_lock this potential? And: Is Germany ready for legal weed, at all?