Is VC funding overrated? And should it come with a health warning?

6/27/19, 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM (CEST)
Campfire Tent 1

Should VC funding come with a doctor’s warning that it is bad for your health and your peace of mind?VC is an outlier, convexity driven business forcing a hi-octane execution model - will you end up building your business so the VC avoids their career risk, but it might not be the desirable outcome for you?Popular startup culture has romanticised overfunding of startups and rare outcomes, when the base rate and historical precedents are different.What are the things that have stood the test of time - what is it that we can learn from past cycles, from history, from the Classics and common sense that can serve entrepreneurs well?This session explores why VC funding might not be the right funding model for every company, or indeed, in the spirit of #intheblack, might not be needed at all