Get your financial planning right using event storming

6/27/19, 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM (CEST)
Campfire Tent 3 - Lower Deck

Some of the basic KPIs that you need to steer your company and that you report to investors are simple enough to choose. But as a startup you often have a unique, new business model with its own specialties. If you want to determine key issues about your current state of business you need to identify the KPIs that are critical to your particular business case. What is needed to model your business in depth to gain further insights? Which parameters do you need to choose for a cashflow projection for your pitch deck? We use event storming to refine our business model and determine the KPIs relevant to our business. ""Event storming"" is a technique originally devised to gain further insight into the technical structures you want to realize within your software development to better represent your business case. I suggest that the same technique can also be used to refine your financial planning and gain further insight on your business model by bringing key stakeholders together the visually aided communication process called ""event storming"". Let's discuss whether that is a sensible approach!