David Henn


David is the founder and CEO of Cannamedical. He has been a key driver of the company’s growth, ongoing vision and structuring. David‘s primary focus has been to generate strategic partnerships around the globe, executing growth opportunities and fundraising. He is responsible for overseeing all general management of the organization, advancing a corporate market strategy, regulatory affairs, fostering an entrepreneurial spirit throughout the company and charting the company’s international expansion outside of Germany.

After his studies in International Business in Financial Management at Cologne Business School, in 2015 David founded Cannaseur, a company developing a fully automated cannabis curing technology system which handles all post harvest cannabis drying, curing and long-term storage.

David early recognized the medical potential of Cannabis, in particular in the area of pain medicine. In 2016 David sold Cannaseur to concentrate on the area of medical cannabis distribution.

As a result, the launch of Cannamedical® took place in November 2016. By then the legalisation of Cannabis as a medicine in Germany was foreseeable. Hence, the Cannamedical® Pharma is one of the first companies that has positioned itself within the german medical cannabis market. Since the release of cannabis for medical application in March 2017 Cannamedical® holds all necessary licences for the distribution and the import of medical cannabis.


Jun 27, 2019