Boris Behringer

Founding and Mindfulness Rebel
mindful REBELS

Boris, former Director of the Porsche Digital Lab in Berlin, has always been an innovator and entrepreneur. By the end of his university time, he had already founded four times. He was the mastermind behind the Porsche Partner Network, still the most integrated and advanced global transaction platform in the automotive industry. He led innovation teams and more than a dozen global projects in IT, Sales Network Development, Production and Supply Chain Management for Porsche. He acted as Director Market Processes at Porsche for five years building a cross-company team for strategy, global process excellence and data analytics to make the customer-to-customer process of Porsche the benchmark. After building the Porsche Digital Lab, he decided to return to his roots again: company and innovation unit building without the shackles of a big corporate. He is an expert in digital economy and technology and a mindful initiator and facilitator of change and innovation. He co-founded the mindful REBELS to allow for mindfulness to play an adequate role in the corporate world.


Jun 26, 2019