Genna Elvin

Genna is the Co-Founder of Tadaweb, a Luxembourg based technology company pioneering the field of small data. In building her company over the past eight years, Genna has continually placed emphasis on the importance of diversity, company culture as well as integrating models such as Maslow’s hierarchy of needs into her leadership style. Today, Tadaweb is now one of Luxembourg’s most successful startups, comprising over more than 60 employees, multi-million revenues and a world class Board. In addition to this, Genna is a very active female entrepreneur having started her first startup at 17 that was funded by the US Government to bring solar energy to an impoverished group of Pacific Islands. Last year Genna featured in Forbes for her place on the Hundert's Top 100 Female Founders of Europe, and has been awarded the Women’s Economic Forum: Women of the Decade in Business and Leadership.


Jun 27, 2019