City of Cologne

Digital Health Village

The Start Up City Cologne has an excellent reputation among young founders as a metropolis worth living in, as "" proves. This high popularity is partly due to the excellent network of startup centres, cooperation areas and incubators. In Cologne, start-ups not only find suitable spaces and the necessary infrastructure for implementing their ideas. Various consulting services, seminars and workshops also support the transition to setting up your own business. Perhaps the most important advantage is the exchange among each other and the integration into networks.

As the number one digital start-up city in NRW, Cologne has already produced many successful companies in the "New Economy". Start-ups are innovative engines for the entire economy and provide new ideas and a breath of fresh air. The promotion of local and regional start-up ecosystems therefore plays an important role in the municipal tasks of further developing Cologne as a business location. With around 70 insurance companies and almost 26,000 employees in the insurance industry, Cologne is also one of the leading insurance centres in Germany. In cooperation with science and research as well as the public sector, Cologne's InsurLab Germany aims to bring the insurance industry together with all relevant innovations and technological developments and to make Cologne a hotspot for the international/European insurance industry of tomorrow. The second focus of Cologne's activities in 2019 was identified as "e-health and life science". The reasons for this decision are rooted in the particularly large market and innovation potential, in Cologne's existing position as an economic, research and medical location, as well as its excellent starting position in the fields of medical technology, biotechnology etc. and "start-up ecosystem”.