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Agenda 2023

THEME 2023: #BurnToRelearn

This is the agenda for the last PIRATE Summit.

An agenda is just like a puzzle. It takes some time until all the pieces fit together. So some pieces might still change or switch places in the days leading up to the event.

As always, there will be a few surprises that don’t show up here.

Please note: PIRATE Summit is happening from June 27th (2 pm) to June 28th (after midnight). Check out this general overview to see the main building blocks of what is happening. It will help plan your travels. PIRATE Circle will happen on June 29th and is a separate event that requires a separate ticket.


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“So much love for this event. Stage fright or not, I learned a lot, met amazing people who’re all working hard to make their dream happen.”

Jasmin Baoumy


A big ARRR to those that make PIRATE Summit possible