PIRATE Ambassadors

Pirate Summit 10 Years

Introducing Ben — Ambassador of Germany!

We would like to introduce our ambassadors of PIRATE Summit 2019 to you! Today you’ll get to know Ben Sufiani, our ambassador of Germany!

Who are you & where are you from?

I’m Ben from Cologne, Germany.

Describe your current job in a few sentences.

I’m the founder a couple of web and app startups, like CSGO:SKILLS an app to become a better Counter-Strike player with 850.000 users around the world. Nowadays I spend most of my time on Pirate Skills, a community to level up your marketing skills.

How often have you been to PIRATE Summit?

Every time — so this year is the ninth time for me!

What was your best experience at PIRATE Summit that helped you personally or with your business?

The floor track, meaning the exchange with the other founders! I have met co-founders, investors and friends almost every year.

How would you describe the PIRATE Summit experience?

PIRATE Summit is Woodstock for founders.

Please tell us the funniest/weirdest/most memorable story or situation you experienced at PIRATE Summit.

Let me just say, it involved a chainsaw …

If someone were to ask you “What makes PIRATE Summit worth to attend?” — what would your answer be?

The spirit in the air and sheer quality of people.

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