Call for Content #PurposefulDisruption

For the first time we’re giving PIRATE Summit a theme meant to run through the agenda like a red thread: Purposeful Disruption. The idea behind this has always been very close to our hearts. We strongly believe that as entrepreneurs we aren’t in a bubble but are part of a society just like any other individual and company. We have the responsibility to push the status quo in meaningful ways and create a world that functions better for everyone, not just ourselves.

With our call for content we’re asking you to tell us who should join PIRATE Summit as an expert to share their perspective. You can read more about the various formats we’re hosting and have the option to refer the best people that come to your mind. 

Apply to host a session Refer someone


Participants bring their challenges and receive feedback and advice from experts and peers. In the past we’ve had clinics that were extremely useful with only ten participants, but also had successful ones with 100+ people.

Examples: Everything that give founders sleepless nights, e.g. fundraising issues, recruiting challenges, but also achieving high growth without compromising your mental health, the health of your employees or your customers privacy.

PIRATE Secrets

A format that we introduced in 2017. Five minutes to share a meaningful story of your entrepreneurial journey that only a few people know.

Example: This could be failures, but might as well be great success stories or insightful learnings. For example giving insights into an acquisition/exit process, a behind the scenes of a funding round, a burn-out, firing/hiring employees, acquiring a big client, your most impactful pivot etc. What we definitely don’t want to hear is a sales pitch of any kind.


These are intense, pre-booked and prepared (by 1-2 people) discussion rounds around all kinds of topics. These sessions offer opinion leaders to debate over a certain topic and offer the participants a deep dive into specific topics.

Examples: The pros & cons of different organizational approaches (e.g. holacracy). The use of AI in your company.

Keynotes & Fireside Chats

We’re cutting down heavily on the number of keynotes and fireside chats. If we think it’s highly entertaining and/or inspiring, we do have the possibility to add those to our agenda. However, there will only be a handful in the evenings.

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