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How to get there?

The unique location

PIRATE Summit is not simply a conference. It’s a fusion of business, design, and art. The atmosphere is open, inspirational, and creative.

It takes place in one of Cologne’s most unique locations: Odonien – a scrapyard turned into an outdoor art gallery.

It is the perfect pirate location and offers enough space for robots, fire, conversation, networking, and fun.

How to reach us:

Address: Hornstraße 85, 50823 Cologne, Germany

  • If you arrive by plane: from Cologne-Bonn airport take the train to Hansaring train station, then take the bus number 127 to Köln-Nippes (34 min).
  • If you arrive by train: from Cologne Central station take the train to Köln-Nippes train station (11 min).

Traveling is the biggest contributor to our carbon footprint

We already estimated the carbon emission of your journey and compensated them. But it’s always better to reduce emissions. Therefore, we recommend you to take the train when you are coming to our beautiful Odonien.

We created an account with DB and registered PIRATE Summit as an official event to make it easier for you to travel by train. Through this link you get the ticket for a fixed price, it will include the city ticket and your ride will be powered 100% by renewable energy.

If you are coming to Cologne from another country far away and flying is unavoidable you can help us by measuring the exact emission of your flight and compensate them with atmosfair.


If you are struggling with finding accommodation, we have prepared for you a list of suggestions. Find the booklet with all the information from the link below

White Rabit

For many years, the infamous PIRATE Summit after-party used to happen at the White Rabbit’s Mansion (Dirk’s place). :rabbit2:This year, it’ll be even more than a party. A group of people are offering a beautiful historic farm close to Cologne for all of you to camp, party and connect with beautiful people and nature. You’re invited to join a camp/festival there from June 25th to June 30th (5 nights). This is an opportunity for people to collaborate around visions for long term impact and to spend time together heart-to-heart.


There is a Telegram group for more details, questions, etc. You can join it here:

Other Accomodations

People from Cologne are very welcoming. If you are looking for a place to stay during the PIRATE Summit days or if you can you offer accommodation for a fellow startup founder, then please comment on this post. Would be amazing if we could create some matches here. Your kindness will be greatly appreciated!


A big ARRR to those that make PIRATE Summit possible