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Startup Ecosystem Summit

Where ecosystem builders meet

5 Sep 2017, Cologne

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An event to share, discuss and learn from each other about ideas and challenges to grow startup ecosystems

Invitation-only gathering

The Startup Ecosystem Summit is meant as a platform for community builders to openly exchange ideas and challenges on eye level. Therefore, it is deliberately kept small (50 participants) and for active ecosystem builders only.

This event is invitation-only. In case you want to recommend someone or you believe you should participate, please reach out to Ben ( See you in Cologne!

Agenda: Focused on P2P sessions

There will be an agenda. However, the idea is to connect and learn from each other. Therefore, we’ll focus on P2P sessions.

Sessions include P2P formats such as clinics and topic tables as well as the more traditional ones such as ignite talks and a panel.

From a content perspective we will focus on best practices, failure and success stories and lessons learned.

Attendees from around the world

We strive to bring in a diverse crowd representing various cities from a around the world. We’ll have 50 Participants from 25 Cities and 15 Nationalities.

We’ll have community builders from Lebanon, Netherlands, Australia, France, Greece, Poland, Germany, India, Palestine, Latvia, Montenegro… and more.


With we have been building startup ecosystems and communities for 7+ years. Our main driver is passion for startups and entrepreneurship.

We know that there are many others out there feeling the same way and doing very similar things. 

We’d love to connect and share to build a network of networks. So our idea with Startup Ecosystem Summit is simple: Bring 50 likeminded community builders together and create an environment for fruitful exchange, lively discussions, massive learning and valuable networking.

If you are a key player in your Startup Ecosystem or want to recommend someone who is and who should participate, just drop us a message: