Work like a PIRATE, party like a Captain 

Running a startup is f*cking hard, we feel you. PIRATE Summit is and always was focused on startups. We celebrate entrepreneurship & we celebrate founders because we know what it takes to be one. It’s not all fun and games but if you get value out of risk itself it can and will be rewarding. The PIRATE Summit will be an incredible experience for you. And depending on what your looking for – funding, new hires, advice or just having a great time and making new friends, we offer different ways of participation.


“Craziest startup event I’ve ever attended. You’ve just got a lifetime participant!”


Excerpt of startups that are attending PIRATE Summit.

It is hosted on Dealroom which provides data on 500,000 companies around the World.
You can search this list using keywords, start by typing or select some keywords from the drop down menus to filter the list to your desires.

Go to this list in Dealroom

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