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Sustainability at PIRATE Summit 2022

Measure the carbon footprint

In cooperation with PlanA we calculated the expected carbon footprint of PIRATE Summit.

The calculation shows that our total expected carbon footprint is 94.42t of CO2e.
The biggest contributors are the travel of our participants with 58.25t of CO2e and our veggie catering with 26.82t of CO2e.
After we finalize our calculations we will compensate all of the emissions caused by PIRATE Summit.

More than just compensating.

At PIRATE Summit we know that just compensating our emissions is not enough. It helps to mitigate climate change, but for a true Net-Zero, we need to reduce our emissions where we can.
Therefore, we have launched a series of activities to reduce the emissions we emit.

Travel 58.25
Catering 26.82
Energy 6.77
Accommodation 1.82
Logistics and Waste 0.77


Traveling is the biggest contributor to our carbon footprint

We already estimated the carbon emission of your journey and compensated them. But it’s always better to reduce emissions. Therefore, we recommend you to take the train when you are coming to our beautiful Odonien.

We created an account with DB and registered PIRATE Summit as an official event to make it easier for you to travel by train. Through this link you get the ticket for a fixed price, it will include the city ticket and your ride will be powered 100% by renewable energy.

If you are coming to Cologne from another country far away and flying is unavoidable you can help us by measuring the exact emission of your flight and compensate them with atmosfair.

Veggie catering

The second largest contributor to our carbon footprint is our catering.

And because we can actually influence the emissions of our catering we decided that for the first time in PIRATE Summits history the catering will not include any meat, but will be 100% veggie (vegetarian and vegan).

We believe this is a great step towards minimizing our carbon footprint and influencing our participants towards a more sustainable lifestyle.


Sustainable clothing with

We try to be more sustainable in every aspect of our event. A good addition are therefore our t-shirts and hoodies from

All clothes are 100% organic cotton and have numerous sustainable certificates FairWear Foundation, GOTS, PETA, OEKO-Tex Standard 100, OCS 100 Blended, GRS.

Climate Tech on stage

While making PIRATE Summit more sustainable, it is also important that we include the topic of sustainability in our talks.

We believe that climate change is the biggest challenge we are facing as humanity, and we want to make some room for solutions and efforts against it.

Do you have other ideas on how we can become more sustainable?
Let us know in the chat widget.