PIRATE Week 2020

PIRATE Week 2020

An entire week of ARRR!

In 2020 we will celebrate PIRATE Summit’s 10th edition. We will celebrate 10 years of meaningful connections, 10 years of grassroot entrepreneurship, 10 years of purposeful disruption & 10 years of ARRR!

To celebrate in style there will be one full week of events, gatherings, and activities. PIRATE Week will run from Monday, June 22nd to Friday 26th, 2020.

The events organized by us will be Startup SAFARI Rhineland, the Movers & Shakers Summit, the #OOTB.NRW Award and, of course, PIRATE Summit.
But our goal is to have many more startup related satellite events during that week.
So if you have something in mind, hit us up!

Why a PIRATE Week?

For the 10th edition, we wanted to do something bigger. But simply growing in participant numbers isn’t gonna do it. Furthermore, we would never want to find another location just to fit in more participants. We Odonien.

So in order to offer our participants a new & bigger experience with as much output as they can get, we thought we combine different startup events for you to get to know more people, get more insights, learn more stuff & share your knowledge with more people. Five days give us more possibilities to diversify the program. And we simply believe that the local, as well as the international startup ecosystem, deserve more “airtime”.

How will it work?

By obtaining a PIRATE Summit ticket, you will be granted access to Startup SAFARI Rhineland, the OOTB Award & of course, PIRATE Summit!
Your ticket will allow you to take full advantage of these events at no extra cost.

The Events

Startup SAFARI Rhineland


We will kick-off the PIRATE Week with a Startup SAFARI special. Usually, in a SAFARI we visit the ecosystem of only one city. But for the PIRATE Week, we will simultaneously open up four different ecosystems — Cologne, Düsseldorf, Aachen & Bonn. Therefore, we coined it “Startup SAFARI Rhineland”!

We will make the entire startup scene of the Rhineland accessible to everyone and connect the individual ecosystems with each other. Our goal is to give every Rhineland startup the chance to open its doors for like-minded & interested people.

What’s a Startup SAFARI?

Startup SAFARI events are decentralized multi-day events for the local startup scene. Startups open their doors to everyone and give an authentic behind the scenes look to the daily work of entrepreneurs.

You can travel through the whole city and explore your local startup ecosystem in a unique way, attending interactive sessions directly in the startup offices. Your access point to the world of true entrepreneurship.

How to get a ticket?

Sign up to our newsletter to get notified when we launch the tickets for Startup SAFARI Rhineland.

How to host a session?

If you’re running a startup in the Rhineland area and interested in hosting a session during a Startup SAFARI, reach out to Linda on linda@pirate.global or sign up here.

Movers & Shakers Summit


On the day PIRATE Summit starts we bring together the global community of startup ecosystem players and work on hands-on solutions for the most urgent startup ecosystem topics. The Movers & Shakers Summit is the perfect opportunity to connect with local ecosystem builders from around the world & learn from each other.

The Summit hosts around 100 different individuals facing similar challenges & therefore is a great platform to create synergies for addressing those challenges.

The participants host and participate in different workshops & other formats sharing their knowledge & work on problem-solutions

How to get a ticket?

The Movers & Shakers Summit is an invitation-only event.
If you are an ecosystem builder yourself, feel free to reach out to our colleague Cristobal.

“OUT OF THE BOX.NRW”-Award aka PIRATE Summit Kick-Off


The former #DWNRW award is coming to Cologne with an entire make-over and PIRATE Summit will be the hosting-event for it.

Now coined “OUT OF THE BOX.NRW AWARD” (#OOTB), the purpose is to celebrate entrepreneurship by awarding NRW’s (North Rhine-Westphalia’s) top three digital startups with prize money of 50.000€ in total!

The goal is to make North Rhine-Westphalia known as an international startup hotspot. We want to put NRW in the spotlight of even more international entrepreneurs, investors, and corporates!

That evening will serve as the official PIRATE Summit 2020 kick-off.

How to get a ticket?

Tickets for the #OOTB.NRW Award won’t be sold separately. Only PIRATE Summit ticket holders & invited guests can take part during that evening.

How to nominate startups?

You can now nominate your favorite digital NRW startups here.

PIRATE Summit – 10 years of ARRR!


PIRATE Summit is the yearly gathering of entrepreneurs that love to solve real problems and build sustainable businesses. Although technology is discussed at PIRATE Summit, it actually isn’t a tech conference. It is a conference for those that use technology as a tool to build something valuable. As such, it is more a conference about entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship.

Amongst other things, PIRATE Summit is especially characterized by its festival-like atmosphere. This enables participants of every kind to connect at eye level & really build meaningful connections. At PIRATE Summit we believe that everybody is an expert in something. We, therefore, welcome everybody to contribute to our program. Whether you hold a campfire session, a keynote, a fireside chat or simply share your knowledge with others spontaneously over a cold drink. It’s about giving, giving, giving & asking.

At PIRATE Summit you can meet world-class entrepreneurs & founders from all around the world, get to know investors who are willing to invest in your startup & enjoy joyful days at the Odonien – a scrapyard turned into an outdoor art gallery!

How to get a ticket?

The selection of our participants is one of the most important elements of PIRATE Summit. As in previous years, it is not possible to simply buy a ticket through our website. We curate our participants to bring together just the right people who can add value together. We value a personal & small setting and hope you do, too.
Visit www.piratesummit.com/boarding/without-key to learn more about how to get a ticket!

How to contribute to the agenda?

We will soon launch our Call for Contribution website. Stay tuned via our email updates! You can sign up for them on www.piratesummit.com

Board the ship at PIRATE Week!

This was just a brief overview of what will happen at the 2020 PIRATE Week in 2020. More details will follow. You can stay in the loop for the 2020 agenda, the Call for Contribution website & all other updates via our email updates, Sign up on piratesummit.com

We can’t wait to make this happen & once again ignite the fire of entrepreneurship in June 2020! ARRR!