PIRATE Summit Pitch Competition

Walk the Plank, Matey! – PIRATE Summit Pitch Competition

It won’t be long before we celebrate the 10th edition at Odonien. Together we want to celebrate entrepreneurship and everything that makes PIRATE Summit so special. Of course, the heart of the event are the startups & the Walk the Plank Pitch Competition. It has been accompanying us since the first year and 444 startups from all over the world were able to use the Walk The Plank Pitch Competition as a stage for their innovative ideas and products, attracting the attention of investors and corporates. have pitched on our plank. We are now starting the application phase for 2020 – When your startup is less than three years old, looking for funding and has a working prototype or product, walking the plank is highly recommended. Apply now!

Here’s what our last year’s pitch winner Lubomila from Plan A says about the pitch competition:

Q: Why did you want to pitch at PIRATE Summit?
A: I had heard from many different people about the quality of PIRATE Summit. I believe pitching is a good way to learn how to speak about your company in a clear manner, but also connect to amazing companies and mentors. The Walk the Plank competition stands out with its straightforward approach and unexpected format. I thought it would be amazing if all of a sudden on this amazing stage the discussion was about climate change and tech.

Q: Would you recommend others to do so too? And if so, why?
A: The philosophy of PIRATE Summit is to provoke meaningful conversations, removing the typical transactional communication often observed at conferences. I loved this aspect about the competition and would encourage all entrepreneurs who have traction and vision to put effort into applying. This competition kicked off Plan A’s success in 2019 and I cannot be more grateful.

Q: What would you recommend founders who want to pitch at PIRATE Summit?
A: Show progress. Tell your story, not only the story of your product. Share what is your impact on society and the planet.

Q: What differentiates the Walk the Plank pitch competition from other competitions?
A: I have pitched in 2019 at least 20 competitions, many of which we won, but have never been to one which had such an interesting format, such a large jury, and of course such a meaningful prize […]. 

Are you curious about this year’s pitch prize? We will give you more information regarding it and also all the details about the pitch process in the next few weeks. Stay tuned because there will be some changes this year! Join our newsletter in order to do not miss any updates.

Walk the Plank Pitch Competition in Numbers

300+ applications
60+ pitching entrepreneurs
30+ different countries
180+ VC firms visiting PIRATE Summit
40+ VC jury members

If you are brave enough to walk the plank & join an international community of entrepreneurs, apply now! Application will be open until May 15th!