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The PIRATE Summit

PIRATE Summit brings together the movers and shakers of the digital world.

We’re Europe’s largest invitation-only conference for early-stage startups, investors, and corporate executives.

The PIRATE Summit represents true grassroots entrepreneurship: authentic, crazy & real. 


When we were thinking about building a startup conference in 2010 we wanted to organize it around the people that have the urge to create something meaningful. At their own pace. Around founders. And that’s why we called it PIRATE Summit.

Being profitable should be cool and celebrated. We need more founders that are proud of it and talk about it that way. Founders that build businesses on their own terms. That’s why we made #intheblack the overarching theme for PIRATE Summit 2019.

3 Days of ARRR

Day 1 – June 26th

Pirate Summit 10 Years

Day 2 – June 27th

Pirate Summit 10 Years

Day 3 – June 28th

Pirate Summit 10 Years

It was a conference like no other on this planet! Great networking, quality workshops, chilled atmosphere and, most of all, truly amazing venue!

Tomasz Kopera, Ignico

Give, give, give ask.
Give everything without expecting anything in return. That is what the PIRATE Summit is about — an attitude, a set of value that makes the world a better place.

Laura Pfromm, Wayra 

Can’t remember the last time I was given so many valuable advice/life lessons and started putting in place the roots of lots of future initiatives!
I thank you all #Pirates for your giving heARRRts! May we see each other again!

Gizelle Ikarezi, AngelHack

PIRATE Summit is one of the most powerful Summits for real networking between #innovators, #vendors, #startups… certainly the craziest one. 

Paolo Raineri, Knowage

Partners in 2019 – Excerpt

Get Involved

Get Involved As A Partner

As a partner of PIRATE Summit you have the perfect platform to position your brand and company and connect with the leading technology players. We offer a wide variety of attractive partnership opportunities as well as the chance to exhibit at PIRATE Summit.

Get involved as a participant

If you are looking to connect and learn from likeminded founders or are looking for capital/early stage startups, then PIRATE Summit is for you. 
We welcome founders, investors, corporate representatives and press. 

Call for content

Since PIRATE Summit is a community driven event, we are actively creating the agenda together with our participants. With our call for content we’re asking you to tell us who should join PIRATE Summit as an expert to share their perspective.