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Boarding with key

ARRR you ready to celebrate 

Meaningful connections?

– Frank Thelen

A highly curated crowd

PIRATE Summit thrives on the idea of a highly curated crowd.
This is why tickets are not openly available for sale but have to be applied for after unlocking them with an access key.
We do this in order to ensure the highest possible quality of participants so everyone will benefit from each other.

Categories at PIRATE Summit

Although all our participants can be considered PIRATES, we distinguish between Startups, Investors, Corporates & Service Providers.


from 249,- €

The heart of PIRATE Summit

We consider you a startup if your company is younger than 5 years old, has less than 100 employees & offers some kind of tech-related scalable product and no services.


from 499,- €

The popular kids!

Senior staff from VCs, Corporate VCs, PE firms, Business Angels with a proven track record, Accelerators & Incubators & Family Offices can apply for an investor ticket.


from 799,- €

The innovation scouts

CxO’s & Senior Executives from corporations with >100 employees are considered Corporates.


from 1499,- €

The helpful ones

Executives from law-firms, consultancies (e.g. M&A, Strategy), agencies (e.g. headhunting/recruiting, online-marketing, tech development) and other service providers can apply for this category.

If you fall into the category “Press” or don’t know how to classify yourself but have an access key, reach out to

Recommend a PIRATE!

As you know by now, the PIRATE Summit ticket application is not openly available to everyone. Only those with an access key can unlock the process. But if you know someone who would definitely enrich PIRATE Summit with their presence, you can recommend him or her while signing up. You will then receive an access key that you can forward to them.