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Our volunteer PIRATEs


Volunteer at PIRATE Summit and get free access to the event!

With thousands of participants, PIRATE Summit is the yearly gathering of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship, characterized by its festival-like atmosphere. Without an awesome support team, we wouldn’t be able to create such a unique and crazy experience.

That’s why we are looking for helping hands! Support us with the build up or for a few hours and attend the rest of the event for free. Apply now and be part of PIRATE Summit crew!

All crew members will get a T-Shirt to be easily identifiable, but also to have the perfect PIRATE style 😛
* We need help on all days, but we will not sign you up for all shifts. The more flexible you are, the better, but you will not get more shifts just because you check more boxes here. We understand that especially when traveling, you have limited availability, and we make sure to make that possible whenever possible.
e.g. visa requirements, special medical conditions, limited availablity, ...

The data you've entered here will be used for the following:
- Information on different opportunities to help as a volunteer during PIRATE Summit 2022
- Communication regarding your personal shift plan for the event (before and during the event)
- Registration of a ticket for PIRATE Summit 2022 to get access to the venue
- Communication regarding general information, that you need to know to help
You'll always have the chance to request all data we store about you and let us delete parts or everything It will NOT be used for any marketing purposes, newsletters or similar means