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10 Years of ARRR


Ready to #SolveRealProblems?

We know, entrepreneurs have usually little money & even less time.
Yet here’s why you should invest in becoming a PIRATE!

Meet other PIRATEs

Meet investors that fit your purpose


  • Every year around 200 investors from all over Europe come to PIRATE Summit looking for new & interesting founders, products & business models. Get in touch with them in a unique & relaxed atmosphere. No forced conversations just true belongingness.

PIRATE Summit knows no borders!


  • Build connections to other entrepreneurs from eastern Europe to Australia & the US. This will allow you to learn what you have in common & exchange experiences. 3 days full of Win-Win situations.

Experienced corporates looking for young companies!


  • Corporates have discovered PIRATE Summit as a place to get to know extraordinary startups & their founders. The broad distribution of participants will allow you to meet plenty of possible business partners or companies willing to invest in your potential!

Unrestricted Networking!


  • Get to know 1000+ people in only 3 days! Get matched with participants having similar interests, book sessions, connect to investors prior to the event & connect with those you want to meet. You can also access & reach out to the participants before & after the event.

Learn from your peers

Why repeat mistakes that have already been made?


  • At PIRATE Summit we gather like-minded individuals to exchange their experiences & learn from each other in a very authentic way. There are things you should experience yourself, but why repeat mistakes that have already been done?

The right formats for your needs


  • Formats such as Clinics & Campfire Sessions will allow you to directly interact with experts & get answers to your questions. We know that there are no shortcuts to success but there are ways to travel faster. Visiting the right formats & thereby meeting the right people is one way to do so!

Walk the plank & secure funding

Are you brave enough to walk the plank?


  • The legendary PIRATE Summit “Walk the Plank” Pitch Competition gathers more than 60 entrepreneurs to compete in every startup’s supreme discipline. 3 minute of pitching & 2 minutes of Q&A. Do you dare to walk the plank? We will soon start the application phase. 

1on1 meetings with investors


  • Apply for 1on1 tables to meet with investors of your choice & convince them of you. You will be able to meet more than 100 different investment companies. Whether you’re looking to go through the roof with VC money or go for slow but sustainable growth á la #intheblack. We’re sure you will find the right match!

Meet investors at the bar or under a fire spitting dragon


  • PIRATE Summit not only offers the kind of people you’ll want to meet but also the perfect setting for casual meetings.

A true PIRATE ain’t afraid of sharks!


  • 30 jury members from world-renowned investment institutions/companies will be watching you! And on top of it: more than 400 viewers. This is your opportunity to show what you got!

Get inspired

More than a venue!


  • Fire-spitting sculptures, steampunk rovers & creativity wherever you look.
    The PIRATE Summit venue (Odonien) is a junkyard gone open-air art gallery.
    But a mere description does not do justice to the location – you will have to experience it yourself.

Inspiring people, sessions, days. 


  • Everybody has a story to tell & you should benefit from it. Be inspired by a wide variety of experts from all over the world. Listen to how they managed their journey to success & internalize it!

You’ll never sail alone!


  • You are not alone in your journey. There is a worldwide community enjoying the same successes & struggling with the same challenges. Take advantage of others experience & share yours with them!