• The new gerneration of technology startups and entrepreneurs Mike Butcher (Techcrunch Europe)
  • With this year’s performance, the EPS has established itself as one of the best internet networking events in Germany Niko Waesche (GMPVC)
  • Pretty awesome! Just come here Lars Hinrichs (HackFwd)
  • A sort of re-birth of the techstartup scene in europe
  • The event of the year
  • One of the internationally most important founder meetups

The pirates are back!

Meet Europe's hottest startups & investors!

Gathering of Europe's hottest early-stage startups

Now in its fourth year, the Pirate Summit represents true grassroots entrepreneurship: real, authentic and crazy. Pirate Summit is the place to celebrate entrepreneurship. You get to meet experienced as well as upcoming founders, high-profile investors and entrepreneurial rockstars. It’s all about top-class networking and having fun while listening to inspiring talks & panels.
Of course we’ll have our famous "Walk-The-Plank"-pitch competition again this year. AND there will be fire, lots of it.

Pirate Summit
The mothership of all pirates

Meet founders, VCs and business angels at Odonien – a scrapyard in Cologne which – together with our selected participants and speakers – creates the very special atmosphere the Pirate Summit is known for. This year, we aim at 500 passengers on our boat – all one by one to be chosen by our crew – to create an inspiring, exciting and motivating atmosphere!

Don't miss the boat. Grab this opportunity to meet founders, founders and more founders. Share a bottle of rum with some of our speakers. And snatch those dubloons you are looking for from investors. We hope to see you on board!

Our Speakers

Klaas Kersting CEO at Flaregames
Pawel Chudzinski Partner at Point Nine Capital
Michael Treskow Vice President at Accel Partners
Mike Butcher Editor-At-Large at TechCrunch
Philipp Moehring Head of Europe at AngelList
Imran Akram Principal at DN Capital
Kasper Hulthin Co-founder of Podio
Oliver Thylmann Co-Founder at Giant Swarm
Robin Wauters Founding editor of Tech.eu
John Henderson Prinicipal at White Star Capital
Jan Miczaika COO at Wooga
Taavet Hinrikus Co-Founder at Transferwise
Yoav Ben-Ari Head of Business Development, VC and Startup Ecosystem at Google
Dr. Jens Pippig CEO at Pro7Sat.1 Accelerator
Evan Nisselson Investor at LDV Capital
Sitar Teli Managing Partner at Connect Ventures
Rob Moffat Principal at Balderton
Peter van Sabben Head of Marketing at Startupbootcamp
Milo Yiannopoulos Editor-in-Chief, The Kernel
Thomas Grota Investment Director at T-Venture
Liam Boogar Co-founder, CEO & Editor - of Rude Baguette
Frank Thelen Founder & CEO at e42
Olga Steidl Growth Link at Linko, Inc.
Uldis Leiterts CEO/Founder of Infogram
Paul Jozefak Managing Director at Liquid Labs
Stephen Rapoport Founder of Pactcoffee.com
Stephane Gantchev Partner at LAUNCHub Seed Fund
Lina Wüller Founder at RebelAtHeartPR
Chiara Sommer VC at HighTech Gründerfonds
Saskia Sefranek Associate at GMPVC
Thomas Bachem Founder/CEO at lebenslauf.com
Talia Wolf Conversioner | CEO
Alex Farcet Founder/Board at StartupBootcamp
Frédéric Oru COO at NUMA
Ralph Riecke Senior Investment Manager at hub:raum
Gabriel Matuschka VC at Partech Ventures
Christian Renner Investment Manager at hub:raum
Alexander Oelling CEO & Co-Founder at Sensorberg
Valentin Stalf CEO & Co-Founder at Number26
Don Ritzen Co-founder of Rockstart Accelerator
Guus Frericks Founder/MD at Startupbootcamp HighTechXL
Jens Bussmann Cloud Platform Lead, DACH & CEE at Google
Jasenko Hadzic Managing Director at #CPHFTW
Thomas Reimers CMO at protonet
Stavros Messinis Co-Founder at TheCube Athens
Ruth Cremer Founder/CEO of euworx

The Agenda

Please keep in mind, that the official opening for the Pirate Summit is on September 3rd already. Make sure to check the Pirate Camp Agenda for more details.

Captain's Deck

Crow's Nest

Engine Room

Welcome & Waking up!
Networking 101: No never means NO = Not now - Evan Nisselson
VC Reverse Pitches // Sitar Teli (Connect), Rob Moffat (Balderton), Jens Pippig (Pro7Sat1), Gabriel Matuschka (Partech), Imran Akram (DN Capital)
AngelList: Raise more money from better investors - Philipp Moehring
Panel: VC behind the scenes; Sitar Teli, Chiara Sommer, Philipp Moehring, John Henderson, Joerg Binnenbruecker // Moderator: Milo Yiannopoulos
Keynote: David vs Goliath: The future of finance - Taveet Hinrikus
Keynote: Disrupting FinTech - Valentin Stalf
Panel: FinTech - Hot as hell?!; Taveet Hinrikus, Valentin Stalf, Paul Jozefak, Michael Treskow, Thomas Grota // Moderator: Oliver Thylmann
Panel: How (NOT) to builds an startup ecosystem; Frederic Oru, Jasenko Hadzic, Olga Steidl, Tom Bachem // Moderator: Stavros Messinis
Keynote: Make something that matters! - Kaspar Hulthin
Panel: Can Europe's startup accelerators stay afloat? - Stephane Gantchev, Peter van Sabben, Ralph Riecke, Don Ritzen// Moderator: Robin Wauters
Walk-The-Plank Pitch Competition - Finals (12 startups á 3 minutes + 2 minutes Q&A) // Jury: Dr. Jens Pippig, Frank Thelen, Michael Treskow
Closing of Pirate Summit & pitch winner announcement
Rebel with a cause: 3 PR lessons startups can learn from Hollywood's most famous rebel. - Lina Wüller
Case Study: How to Become a Media Star - Effective Campaigns in TV, Print & Co - Saskia Sefranek
Pirate Marketing for Startups - Peter van Sabben
The age of change & data - Jens Bussmann
VC Insights: From launching a dinghy to sailing a man o’ war - Imran Akram
VC Insights: How Venture Capital works - Pawel Chudzinski
VC Insights: How the VC model has to change - Gabriel Matuschka
VC Insights: VCs view on Marketing - Rob Moffat
Case Study: Horizon 2020 - Public funding for startups - Ruth Cremer
Live-Hacking of your website - Jamie Woodruff
iBeacons everywhere - Alexander Oelling
The protonet funding story - Thomas Reimers
Panel: Scaling a Hardware-Company; Alexander Oelling, Thomas Reimers, Guus Frericks // Moderator: Liam Boogar
Founder Leaks: 3 reasons NOT to launch a subscription biz - Stephen Rapoport
Founder Leaks: Jan Miczaika - We killed 36 startups last year, for fun and profit
Killing by numbers - Uldis Leiterts
How to convert visitors into customers in less than 3 seconds - Talia Wolf


Welcome to Odonien, the wicked and legendary republic of pirates, dinosaurs and other creatures that you couldn`t even imagine. We will invite you to this place, which is at the same time in the middle of Cologne and in the middle of nowhere.

Via train from Cologne Central Station

  1. Take the Tram S6 or S11 until Cologne-Nippes Station.
  2. From Cologne-Nippes station turn right into Liebigstraße for 50 meters.
  3. Turn left into Laemmerstraße until you get to the crossroads.
  4. Turn left into Hornstraße for 200 meters until you get to Odonien on the right side of the street, it's after the brothels.

Pirate Summit - pricing for poor pirates

Tickets incl. the Pirate Camp-Ticket on the 3rd and food & drinks on both days during the event and the party on the 3rd.
All prices without VAT (19%) and ticketing-fee.
  • Super Ernie Bert
  • till May 22th
  • Founder only 25 99 €
  • Investor only 25 199 €
  • Corporate only 25 750 €
  • Ernie Bert
  • till June 30th
  • Founder 140 €
  • Investor 300 €
  • Corporate 750 €
  • Normal
  • till August 15th
  • Founder 180 €
  • Investor 400 €
  • Corporate 750 €
  • Late Bert
  • till September 3rd
  • Founder 220 €
  • Investor 500 €
  • Corporate 750 €
Tickets incl. the Pirate Camp-Ticket on the 3rd and food & drinks on both days during the event and the party on the 3rd. All prices without VAT (19%) and ticketing-fee.
Support the European Pirate Summit 2014 with the special Patron ticket. For 950 € you will do good and even get some special perks. You also don't need to fill out the application.

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