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From the PIRATE community, for your community.

How this Manifesto came to life

At the last PIRATE Summit a group of participants created a PIRATE Manifesto.

It’s an attempt to put into words the PIRATE Summit culture and spirit that has emerged over the years.

That initiative gives us hope that there might be groups of people that will “keep the fire burning”

We invite you to a playground – a pirate ship!

Let’s sail into a deep ocean, overcoming fear, turning curiosity into action to make an impact.

We welcome: the bold, the crazy and those comfortable with uncertainty. Anyone who joins will be rewarded with the map to the treasure and everlasting friendships.

How to build a ship

  1. Every ship needs a captain.
  2. The captain is the one responsible for the ship, and on this ship everyone’s a captain.
  3. All crew members matter, especially humans.
  4. All assholes walk the plank.
  5. Pirates are not only responsible for their ship, but also the seas they sail.
  6. Be who you ARRR, not who others want you to be.
  7. The word of a pirate is an unbreakable contract.
  8. To discover new lands, one should sail uncharted waters.
  9. If your ship ever sinks, learn and build a new one.
  10. The treasure is only real when shared.
  11. Be the legend your parrot knows you are.
  12. Work like a captain, party like a pirate.

But above all, remember:

It’s not that important which ship you build, it’s how you build it.  

Make it your own

The manifesto is not a list of commandments. It is meant as an invitation and a starting point for entrepreneurial minds to explore further.

Take what resonates and make it your own. 

Refine it. Use it. Iterate.

Bring it to life.


– Frank Thelen