Back to the roots

Summer 2018

When we organized the first PIRATE Summit in 2011 it was perceived as a very unique event in the startup scene. In the last seven years the market has changed substantially. The most obvious change is the sheer number of startup events competing for the same participants. Also, most of the events are very similar in content and setup.

We spoke to many people about (the future of) startup events. These conversations confirmed our hypothesis that people are getting weary of them. Whilst we don’t think we are a “normal startup conference”, we certainly don’t want to become one.

During our conversations we also learned that – even with the oversupply of events – there is still a need and a longing for meaningful exchange. Maybe more so than ever.

Therefore, we have used the last couple of weeks to reimagine PIRATE Summit from the ground up and we are going to reveal the changes over the next months.

– Manuel & Till (Founders of PIRATE Summit)

We will give out a limited number of 2 for 1 tickets in December 2017. We will notify you when you sign-up below.

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