Pirate Summit 2015

Europe's craziest startup conference

Meet founders, VCs and business angels at Odonien, a scrapyard in Cologne which, together with our selected participants and speakers, creates the very special atmosphere the Pirate Summit is known for. We aim at 700 passengers on our boat, all one by one to be chosen by our crew, to create an exciting, inspiring and motivating atmosphere!

Don't miss the boat. Grab this opportunity to meet founders, founders and more founders. Share a bottle of rum with some of our speakers. And snatch those doubloons you are looking for from investors. We hope to see you on board!

Better networking, more fire, more ARRR!

Now in its fifth year, the Pirate Summit is Europe’s biggest invitation-only gathering of early-stage startups and investors. The Pirate Summit represents true grassroots entrepreneurship: authentic, crazy & real. 

Our mission is to celebrate entrepreneurship. And that we do. You get to meet experienced as well as upcoming founders, high-profile investors and entrepreneurial rockstars. It’s all about top-class networking and having fun while listening to inspiring talks & panels.

80+ selected startups will "walk the plank"

So far we have organized more than 50 Pirates On Shore events in 30+ countries in 2015 alone. We have been to cities such as Teheran, Beirut, Minsk, Tirana, Moscow and Cluj to find the most promising startups from Europe and the Middle East. And they are all coming to the Pirate Summit 2015 to pitch their idea.

Apply to pitch

You can apply until July 20th to get one of 10 wildcards to walk the plank this year. 

People that spoke at our previous events

Shira Abel CEO of Hunter&Bard
Jason Ball Director at Qualcomm Ventures
Colette Ballou Founder & President at Ballou PR
Jan-Henric Buettner Partner at e.ventures
Mike Butcher Editor-At-Large at TechCrunch
Dr. Stefan Glänzer Founding Partner at Passion Capital
Lars Hinrichs CEO at Cinco Capital
Klaus Hommels Partner at Lakestar
Christoph Janz Co-Founder & Managing Partner Point Nine Capital
Klaas Kersting CEO/Founder at Flaregames
Saul Klein Partner at Index Ventures
Morten Lund Chairman at Tradeshift and at XOgroup
Olga Steidl Growth Link at Linko, Inc.
Robin Wauters Founding editor of Tech.eu
Talia Wolf Conversioner | CEO


We're currently drafting the agenda of the Pirate Summit 2015 (here you can see Day 1 and Day 2 from last year). 

Dates & Times
Official start: Wednesday, 2nd of September 2015 at 9:00h
Official end: Thursday, 3rd of September 2015 at 18:00h

There will be a get together for participants that arrive early and those that stay longer.

Contents & Sessions

This year we'll change our formats a bit. There will be less keynotes and less panels. There will be more focus on intense hands-on breakout sessions with experienced session leaders. Furthermore, on the first day there will be mentor sessions, the Walk the Plank semi-finals and the Burning Man ceremony. 

Mentor day is an exclusive opportunity for selected VCs and startups to interact with and learn from each other. For the Walk the Plank pitch competition the hottest 80+ startups from around Europe will present their idea.

The second day of Pirate Summit 2015 will focus on high quality networking, top notch talks and sessions and the Walk the Plank finals.

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Pirate Summit Ticket

Tickets incl. catering during the event.
All prices without VAT and ticketing-fee.
  • Current phase
  • till Jul 7th
  • Founder 200 Tickets 250 €
  • Investor 50 Tickets 500 €
  • Corporate 25 Tickets 800 €
  • Service Provider 10 Tickets 1500 €
  • Next Phase
  • till Aug 7th
  • Founder 200 Tickets 275 €
  • Investor 50 Tickets 550 €
  • Corporate 25 Tickets 850 €
  • Service Provider 10 Tickets 1500 €
Tickets incl. catering during the event.
All prices without VAT and ticketing-fee.
Important note
Make sure that you choose the right category (check the info sign next to each category). We do check every participant and reserve the right to change the category or revoke your ticket.

Exhibit your startup

You can exhibit your startup too. The exhibition booth will have a standing table, wifi and a power chord. You can bring a roll-up if you like.

The early bird price is 250 Euro (valid until 15 July). First come, first serve.
We have a few limited booths for accelerators/investors and corporates as well. 

If you are interested please send a mail to till [at] piratesummit [dot] com.

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Welcome to Odonien, the wicked and legendary republic of pirates, dinosaurs and other creatures that you couldn`t even imagine. We will invite you to this place, which is at the same time in the middle of Cologne and in the middle of nowhere.

Hornstraße 85
50823 Cologne

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