Esra Beelen

School for Ninja

One year after her traineeship business intelligence Esra was in the top 5% of young
professionals at the IT company she worked for. At age 27 she got a promotion, the next day a
After wandering around for months trying to “get well as soon as possible”, she gave up. Not
herself or her life, but her desire to ‘fit into the system’. Maybe her burnout was a call for
change.... What if not she but théy were wrong? Could the rising number of burn-outs say
something about the system she tried to fit in? What if that ‘system’ was one big set of rules, that
one could play with instead of follow?
It became the starting point for her own healing. After a MSc in Game Studies, a couple of years
designing applied games for various companies, Esra started her own company: School for
Ninja, a personalised training program which empowers people to rediscover their own


Jun 27, 2019