Lisa Haag

Founder & CEO

Lisa Haag is a mother of two, entrepreneur and advocate. She holds a degree in Business Administration (FH, International University of Applied Sciences Bad Honnef) and a Bachelor of Business (BB, Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia) in Hospitality Management. Before becoming self-employed, she worked for many years for large and small service providers in strategic and regional sales and operations. Here, she catered to strategic clients with a focus on infrastructural facility services, with a strong focus on regionality, sustainability and creating offerings that reflect the needs of clients.

She has been actively involved in the hemp and cannabis industry for just over three years. At the end of her children's parental leave, she founded her company MJUNIVERSE, which she is now managing director of. MJUNIVERSE is a company builder for hemp and cannabis projects with the goal to create collaborative networks along the value-chain of hemp and cannabis. As an entrepreneur, she sees in the topic hemp and cannabis all topics united that motivate her: Sustainability, social responsibility and hands-on entrepreneurship.

As a partner of the agency project "Mojo", she not only wants to set new standards in communication with her own projects, but also to help other companies in the emerging industry to create extraordinary brands with target group-oriented communication and to shape the market together. Lisa is an active member of the CannaFem Network - a network for women, hemp and cannabis. As an entrepreneur, she is also actively committed to advocate for cannabis as a medicine and to lobby for the creation of a market with modern and progressive regulations for cannabis for consumption purposes.


Jun 27, 2019