Martje A. Haverkamp

School for Ninja

Next to her study MSc Entrepreneurship & Innovation, at age 23, Martje wrote the book ‘Babe you got this’. Inspired by her own ambition to succeed in our performance society, she interviewed more than 20 successful female entrepreneurs and top management leaders in order to find out their ‘secrets to success’.

The book became a bestseller and thus, according to performance society rules, a success. As a true curious questioner, for Martje, the experience was actually a trigger to overthink the ‘pot of gold at the rainbows end’.. Was striving for success really what life was about? Or was that just one of the imaginary and maybe untrue rules that we as a society made up ourselves?

Now, a few years later, she found School for Ninja to be the way to empower other people to also overthink their true goals in life and daily choices connected to those desires.


Jun 27, 2019