Dzenan Karic

Head of PR
Lynk & Co

Vanquishing the notions of the constant, the future is today and Dzenan is charged with delivering the change of a ‘dinosaur’ industry into the the new normal for one of the world’s most successful start-ups - Lynk & Co.
A trailblazing multilingual communicator, Dzenan is a man who relishes the opportunity to shake up the way we go about our lives. It was the desire of joining an all-new lifestyle brand in its quest to take on the globe, whilst tapping in to an ever-changing consumer mindset, that was to be the calling card for this digital innovator. Afterall, what good is a great idea
without a voice?
As Lynk & Co’s Chief Communicator, Dzenan is strategically placed to gauge the future trend and maintain the normalcy of media relations. The ecosystem around the connected mobility world is changing, the uncut nature of a collaborative communication sphere is exactly what makes Dzenan thrive. Communicate, collaborate.


Jun 27, 2019