Edlira Kasaj

Digital Entre/Intrapreneur

With a MSc and BSc in Computer Sciences and an MBA, Edlira has always been around tech environments. Being the only woman in the room during almost her entire career, she is very passionate and committed to change that and support and encourage more women to step up and participate in designing our digital future.
She started her career by creating small businesses and established the first ICT Innovation Center in Albania. Edlira has had a diverse career working across startups, private sector, governmental bodies, international organizations and academic institutions. She has been involved in policy making, regulatory issues, innovation and entrepreneurship promotion and sector development always related to tech. She has also taught in various universities and strongly believes that educating women creates ripple effects for society. Recently she setup and lead the Digital Women Program at ReDI School of Digital Integration, an IT training program for refugee and migrant women in Berlin.


Jun 27, 2019