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Our Crew around the world


Meet those that bring the PIRATE spirit to their communities

Meet the PIRATE Ambassadors

PIRATE Summit thrives on a global community of open-minded & passionate people. 

For many regions around the globe, trust-worthy PIRATEs spread the word in their local communities & stand for our core PIRATE values: Everyone is a VIP, No BS, #GiveGiveGiveAsk, and ARRR.


Join a CREW to come to PIRATE Summit

Many of the Ambassadors will lead a Crew for their region. A Crew is a group of people jointly coming to PIRATE Summit. It’s fun, great for networking prior to the event, and a memorable overall experience in itself.

Reach out to either an Ambassador you know or one who represents your country: They can answer your questions about PIRATE Summit, invite you to join a Crew and have access to a small amount of discounted tickets!

Do you want to become ambassador for your region?

Is your country or region not represented by any of the Ambassadors above? Do you want to represent PIRATE Summit in your region? Just reach out to us ( and we’ll gladly jump on a call with you.

Please note: Every Ambassador should have been to PIRATE Summit before and should stand for our core PIRATE values.


A big ARRR to those that make PIRATE Summit possible