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ARRR you ready to unlearn?

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We’re looking for entrepreneurs and experts that

  • have fascinating stories about letting obsolete knowledge go to relearn and to improve – themselves, companies and society altogether. (Our theme for 2023 is #BurnToRelearn)
  • have built a great reputation for their approach to culture, fundraising, marketing, organization, sales, and other operational challenges.
  • have meaningful insights about leading themselves.
  • have an outstanding story to tell (that hasn’t yet been heard by a larger audience).


Startup Tactics

Advice, insights and tips that one founder can share with another. This includes exchange of best practices and things that worked and those that didn’t.

Founder Stories

Our society is built around stories. They inspire, motivate and energize. In this track, we want to give stage to entrepreneurs to share exceptional and memorable stories.


Leading others in this decade looks different from leading in the previous decade. Also, for leading others, we need to be able to lead ourselves.


Sessions that showcase and discuss solutions that #SolveRealProblems – challenges that really matter in the world today.

Tech Trends

What are the important topics of our time? What trends are upcoming? What will fade, what will stay?

The Formats







These are intense, pre-booked and prepared (by 1-2 people) discussion rounds around all kinds of topics. These sessions offer opinion leaders to debate on a certain topic and offer the participants a deep dive into specific topics.
Examples: The pros & cons of different organizational approaches (e.g. holacracy). The use of AI in your company.

Maximum capacity: 10-30 participants 
Duration: 60 min


An expert in a field gives an in-depth presentation about a specific topic with 20-30 participants. Masterclasses give participants the chance to have a focused learning experience and interact with experts and a small group. The sessions can range from presentation-style to interactive.

Maximum capacity: 30 participants
Duration: 60 min


Participants bring their challenges and receive feedback and advice from experts and peers. In the past we’ve had clinics that were extremely useful with only ten participants, but also had successful ones with 100+ people.

Examples: Everything that give founders sleepless nights, e.g. fundraising issues, recruiting challenges, but also achieving high growth without compromising your mental health, the health of your employees or your customers privacy.

Maximum capacity: 25 participants
Duration: 30-60 min

Keynotes & fireside chats

We’re cutting down heavily on the number of keynotes and fireside chats. If we think it’s highly entertaining and/or inspiring, we do have the possibility to add those to our agenda. However, there will only be a handful in the evenings.


Practical sessions. Not just theory or debate, but really doing something and experiencing it. This could be drawing, drumming, singing etc.

Maximum capacity: 30 participants
Maximum duration: 60 min


At Pirate Summit, everyone is a VIP! We encourage every participant to tell their story and we want speakers to participate as well. 

For that reason, there is no dedicated speaker area and every speaker is encouraged to immerse themselves into the Pirate Summit experience.

This also means that there is no special treatment. Please note, that we do not provide compensation, transportation, or housing for speakers.

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What’s Next?

  1. We check contributions on an ongoing basis. We will get back to you as soon as possible, but it might take us some time. If you have any questions about your application or recommendation, just let us know.
  2. Whether you applied to speak at PIRATE Summit yourself or have been referred by a colleague or fan (or your mum) we will contact you via email. If you are selected, we ask you to fill out a form about your session. We will then publish that information on the speaker section of our website, as well as on our social media channels.
  3. Speakers are free to design their session. We will help you fine-tune, so it fits to the audience.
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“So much love for this event. Stage fright or not, I learned a lot, met amazing people who’re all working hard to make their dream happen.”

Jasmin Baoumy



A big ARRR to those that make PIRATE Summit possible