Board the ship

PIRATE Summit is an application/invite only conference. You can apply to participate below. You will only be billed once we accept your application.

** Next price increase on September 1st **

  • Single Startup Ticket – Technology-enabled, scalable products (note: lawyers, recruiters, agencies etc. don’t fall into this category). Startup must be <5 years old and less than 100 employees. Only founders & key staff of startups will be accepted.

  • 2x Startup Tickets + 1 Day Expo Kiosk

  • Single Investor Ticket

  • Single Corporate Ticket

  • For Consultancies, Law Firms, Agencies etc.
    Please discuss possibilities with Meike (

What you get

  • 2 full days
  • 70+ pitches
  • 80+ speakers
  • Incredible networking
  • All food & drinks on us
  • The infamous 1st day burning & party
  • One hell of an experience

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