As a partner of PIRATE Summit you have the perfect platform to position your brand and company and connect with the leading technology players.

We offer a wide variety of attractive partnership opportunities as well as the chance to exhibit at PIRATE Summit. 


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Excerpt of Partners in 2019

Community Partner

Sailing Master

Master Gunner

First Mates

Media Partners

With last year’s PIRATE Summit we did not only gain great visibility in the startup scene, but we got a lot of applications for our program “Startups of the month”. More than happy to partner up again!


Florian Schmitt, lexRocket-Accelerator

Best conference I’ve been to in ages.

Eamonn Carey, Techstars

The most authentic and inspiring startup conference I’ve been to in years. This was entrepreneurship as nature intended. And it was thrilling to behold.

The Kernel

So PIRATE Summit absolutely rrrrocked – will be back next year to walk the plank!

Fred Destin, Accel Partners