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Annemieke Frank

Founder at EduHeroes Club

“Always a pleasure to be part of such a wild colorful bunch of digital pioneers. An innovative space with great content, where you realize that the future is now and the outside world has some catching up to do. \”
Mara Lasmane

Mara Lasmane

Founder at FoodyCheck

“It was a great opportunity to attend one of the biggest start-up festivals in Europe. My favorites were inspirational talks, where people shared their real entrepreneurial life experiences with ups & downs, and masterclasses about Facebook ads camp (this was the best one) and how to close your first investor.\”
Marcus Rey

Marcus Rey

Founder at Anywherebox

“With the event you have created a gem that sets its own standard in terms of event quality, setting and framework for networks. We also met enough people from the US who could tell us that this precise selection of participants does not even exist in Silicon Valley. There is simply no crap with you.\”
Carl-Luis Rieger

Carl-Luis Rieger

Investment Analyst at

Kompass Digital Ventures

\”All in all a really outstanding event in terms of people, entertainment, key notes and food and drinks.\”
Vija Volfa

Vija Volfa


\”It was a unique experience to participate in PIRATE Summit so early in the business idea development stage. People whom I met during the event gave me a fresh perspective for the idea development, shared their experience and knowledge about possible setbacks, as well as solutions. Pirate Summit is a great combination of masterclasses both for learning and networking.\”
Antra Asare

Antra Asare

Co-Founder at ENME

\”PIRATE Summit was definitely a very valuable experience for ENME, most importantly, because we got precious feedback from experienced peers and investors. Presenting and discussing a start-up idea with others helps to spot it’s weaknesses, which is the first step towards getting it fixed and solid. The informal setting of PIRATE Summit is just perfect for meeting extraordinary people with lots of mind-blowing ideas.\”

It´s been a fantastic experience at @PIRATESummit, hunting young startups for @_firstmomentum. I´ve met many ambitious founders, running great bets of future businesses. Some of my insights following:

Thanks for having us @PIRATESummit! We're still amazed by all the insights we gathered, the open-minded people we met, and of course by having the chance to present #Complero in front of a great innovative crowd! #DigitalContactData #InnovationinAI #StartupLife #PirateSummit https://t.co/5TwCkmHbaR

Thank you @PIRATESummit for the best summit ever! A perfect example of that bigger is not always better. Lots of take-aways, inspiration and #meaningfulconnections for our @SchoolforNinja. https://t.co/Vg7xP2K0S1

Hope to see you next year #piratesummit 2020. Great team - lots of fun! #DigitalMediaRegionNRW @MedienNRW @EDFVR1 @piratesummit

Arrrr - many thanx for this cool & grazy #piratesummit 2019. You are all so charming! Special thanx to Helen, Stephan and #DigitalMediaRegionNRW @MedienNRW @EDFVR1 and @piratesummit ♥️

Yesterday night , someone asked me how @PIRATESummit feels to me. It took me a moment to think but in the end it was pretty simple. It feels like #home. Thank you to everyone for creating such a wonderful event once again.

Bye bye @PIRATESummit Team @DocuSignDACH had an arrrsome time. Thanks for being such a grrreat host. We felt trrruly welcome. Until next time. Arrr! 😎 #piratesummit #conference #docusign #esignature #marketing #digitaltransformation

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