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10 Years! Arrr you ready to celebrate?


PIRATE Summit thrives on the idea of a curated crowd. This is why ticket purchases go through an approval process before they are finalized.

This is how it works:

a. Go through the ticket buying process like you normally would.

b. Please answer all the questions, enter your payment details, and complete the purchase.

c. It will take up to 48 hours for us to approve your purchase.

We do this in order to ensure the right mix of participants and ensure a great experience for everyone.

Entrepreneur 400 €
Entrepreneurs of startups and scaleups.
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Investor 800 €
Business Angels and VCs.
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Corporate 1000 €
For tech executives at corporates or their innovation or venture units. 
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Service Provider 2100 €
Law-firms, consultancies, agencies, and other service providers.
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Institutions Academia 800 €
NGOs, University Staff & similar institutions.
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All prices excl. VAT. VAT will be added at checkout.


All participants are PIRATEs. But we differentiate in five main categories:

– Entrepreneurs (Founders & Key staff)

– Investors

– Corporates

– Service Providers

Institutions Academia

We have a small amount of tickets for Press and Students as well.

In addition, we offer some scholarships for entrepreneurs in need. We’re actively looking for talented entrepreneurs who lack resources and for whom PIRATE Summit can be a real boost in their journey. To apply or donate visit the Scholarship page.

If you are unsure what group you fall in – or if your ticket category isn’t shown – please send an email to, and we will get you sorted.


We all know raising money for your business is hard. Convincing anybody but your mom is not an easy thing to do.

Now imagine standing on a narrow wooden plank. And right beneath you: a shark tank. Well, not literally, but kind of.

Isn’t that what true pirates are made of? Seeking the adventure & the thrill.

If you’re a pirate at heart, this pitch competition is just for you!

What they say about PIRATE Summit


– Frank Thelen


A big ARRR to those that make PIRATE Summit possible