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10 Years of ARRR


Ready to invest in entrepreneurs who #SolveRealProblems?

Meet more than 500 curated startups in a setting designed to make #meaningfulconnections.

Meet other pirates

Make #meaningfulconnections

  • Time is too precious to waste it on uninspiring chats & random conversations. By hand-picking our participants & keeping the circle small we can ensure that almost everyone you meet can have an impact on you. Whether it’s an entrepreneur, a fellow investor, a corporate executive or someone else. If someone’s at PIRATE Summit you already have a thing in common. Make the most of it!

Unrestricted Networking!

  • Get to know 1000+ people in only 3 days! Get matched with participants having similar interests, book sessions & connect with those you want to meet prior to the event. You can also access & reach out to the participants before after the event.

The right formats for the right people

  • Casually meeting the right people at PIRATE Summit is easy enough. But we made it even easier. Set up 1on1 meetings with Founders, get in touch with various people in our speed datings & start chatting with your matches in our app.

Increase your Deal Flow

Meet the heart of PIRATE Summit: our Startups

  • Unlike other conferences PIRATE Summit not just gathers many startups but we pre-select them and put them into such a unique setting in which making business is synonymous for having fun. 

Find & be found

  • Our conference app allows 500 different startups to easily find you & get in touch. Or you can simply filter for your startups of interest. 

Become a part of the Pitch Jury

  • Watch, rate & feedback our over 60 startups who will step on stage. What a better opportunity to get a lot of valuable input in a short time span? 

Host 1on1 Table

  • Let founders apply to your very own 1on1 table to discuss a possible cooperation. This allows you to filter & meet only the most interesting startups!

Learn & be inspired

A platform for people like you!

  • Our formats at PIRATE Summit offer you a wide range of learning opportunities. Discuss topics in deep conversations at a campfire, gain knowledge in a masterclass or get inspired by a fireside chat! 

Never be the smartest person in the room

  • At PIRATE Summit we believe that everybody is an expert in something. So while you can teach some things to others, you will be able to learn new things from the same people. Be open to new things & you’ll be surprised what you can learn.

Learn about new tech & what’s going on

  • While it’s easier than ever to search for new technologies at the same time the progress that is being made is also faster than ever. PIRATE Summit gathers many of those new technologies & pre-selects them for you. Thereby you get profound insights with very little effort. Explore more with less stress.